G2 is a collection of Industry Experts who have come together to help create the ultimate uniform experience for you and your program.

Vaughan Sawdon



Vaughan was born and raised in Wilmington Delaware where he currently resides with his wife and (2) kids.  He grew up with entrepreneur parents whom owned and operated a chain of Bridal Salons for over 38 years. This is where he learned a great deal about customer service, dedication to improving the product and listening to the customer. At a very young age he learned what hard work meant. Vaughan’s father worked a full-time job during the day for 42 years and a 2nd full time job, at one of the family’s bridal shops, in the evenings and on weekend for 38 years.  As a young boy Vaughan remembers buying trips to the manufacturers and falling asleep under the designer's sketch desk in scraps of satin and silk. These experiences fused clothing manufacturing and sales into his DNA. After College, he went to work for a traditional uniform company selling marching band and related apparel, it was a natural fit. Over the years, Vaughan was lucky to be mentored by one of the industry’s most respected and longest standing individuals. The amount of knowledge and experience he parted with Vaughan is truly amazing and Vaughan would not be where he is today without him. 


Through his 14 years in the industry, Vaughan has seen many changes. Programs have become more athletic and physically demanding on the performers, while the basic marching band uniform has not adapted or improved to account for these changes. This led Vaughan to start G2 Performance and look outside the box to see what is working and what is not. Vaughan decided to take a chance by redesigning the form and function of the product and develop a garment that is truly for the MARCHING ATHLETE.  He wanted to look at ways to improve the performers experience and enhance their visual character. Just like any athlete, you need to have the right tools to perform at your best. Making this product was simply the right thing to do. Vaughan is always striving to improve our products and customer experience. We will not always hit the mark, but we WILL always keep striving to. 

Joe Lutes

Uniform Experience Coordinator

VP of Sales and Marketing

With over 20 years of experience in the performing arts, Joe has seen first hand the progression of today's Marching Athlete.  Joe has designed and worked with some of the top bands in the Midwest.  With his bold move to G2 at the start of 2018, he is bringing his expertise, knowledge, and customer service nationwide to help your band look its best.  Contact Joe today to get your new uniform experience started.  

Joe resides in Michigan.  He is the father of two girls.  He enjoys golf, guitar, his dog (Kona), and spending time with his family.  You can reach Joe at   

517-231-1180 or jl@g2performance.com.

Julie Carlson

Chief Administrative Officer

Julie has over 25 years experience in the financial field and has worked with Vaughan for 8 years, now.  Julie is an integral part of the day to day operations of G2.  Julie's main focus is in accessories as well as the bookkeeping, accounting and internal office operations. Julie lives with her family in Delaware and loves to cook, read and travel.

Joy Prater

Culture Operations Manager

Joy brings 10 years of Customer Service Experience to G2 Performance.  Joy's role is to support and ensure accuracy among the sale force of G2.  Her drive and attention to detail ensures that nothing falls through the cracks and that every detail is accounted for.  Joy spends most of her free time bouncing between her 4 kids, sporting events, she also loves traveling, cooking, fashion and spending time with her family and friends

Michelle Kelly

Logistics Manager

Michelle currently handles the logistics of purchasing, supply chain, manufacturing and on time delivery.  Michelle is the mom of 3 and they keep her and her husband very busy with swim meets and softball games.  Michelle and her family love spending their free time at the beach



Sal Salas


Sal's career in the Pageantry Arts has spanned over many years, and has not only been diverse,
but extremely successful in all areas. Serving as everything from instructor to designer to
director to judge, Sal's commitment to youth and excellence has seen no bounds. Highlights of
his pageantry resume include his past position as the Executive Director of the Madison Scouts,
his involvement as a judge for Winter Guard International since 2004 (as well as various circuits
throughout Wisconsin, California, Ohio, Florida, Missouri, Texas and Illinois), marching band
judge, and his role as the founder and director of the five time Winter Guard International Gold
Medalist 'The State Street Review'. Sal's honors include his being named the 2005 Drum Corps
International Director of the Year, being a recipient of the prestigious WGI Hall of Fame Award
in 1993 and in 2009 inducted into the WGASC Hall of Fame. Sal also was the drill designer for
the Spirit of Atlanta from 1983-1990. He was the color guard designer for the Glassmen Drum
and Bugle Corps from 1993-1995 and program coordinator for the Glassmen Drum and Bugle
Corps from 1996-2002 and 2007-2012, Director/Executive Director of the Madison Scouts from
2003-2006.  Sal most recently taught the Gold Medalist Juxtaposition Winter Guard in 2016,
2010-2012 and 2015-currently, Black Watch (2010-2014), Mechanicsburg High School Open
WGI Champions (2011-2016), Program consultant for the Seven Lakes HS Band and designer for
the Winter Guard, Clovis HS Band, Clovis, NM (2015), Elkins HS Winter Guard (2015-2016), Black
Gold World Winter Guard (Design Consultant), Black Gold A Winter Guard (Designer),
Redemption Winter Guard (Designer), Chino High School (2018), and Dobie High School (Design
consultant).  Sal was also a design consultant for Prospect HS Marching Band, Prospect, IL
(2014-2016).  Sal was the Color Guard Coordinator/Artistic Director and a member of the
Design Team for the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps (2013-2016). Member of
Design Team with the Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps, of Allentown, PA (2017) and Program
Coordinator/Artistic Director with the Spirit of Atlanta Drum and Bugle Corps, of Atlanta, GA (2017-Present)



Nick Tavares

Design Consultant

Nicholas has been involved in the marching arts world for over 2o years as a performer and instructor in
the Mid-Atlantic area. His performance credits include the Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps, Black Watch
Color Guard from Mount Laurel, NJ, Apex Winter Guard from Newark, DE and the Reading Buccaneers
Drum and Bugle Corps in Reading, PA. As an instructor in the area, his goal has always been to make his
units stand out while they are just standing there, thus adopting the motto “Look good doing nothing!”
This motto has been the driving force behind many of his design choices as he strives for that “fashion
forward” look.
He resides in Wilmington, Delaware where he is a Program Coordinator with the JCC Early Childhood
Center and he spends his color guard teaching time as the Director of Guards at Middletown High School
in Middletown, Delaware, Color Guard Caption Head and Designer with the Reading Buccaneers in
Reading, PA and finally, recently joining the Design Team for the Field of View Winter Guard from West Chester, PA.



Jarred Carey
Visual Designer
Jarred Carey is an Arkansas based designer and has been involved in the marching arts for nearly a decade as a performer, educator, and designer. Jarred was a marching member of The Pride of Broken Arrow (OK) as a Trumpet player and the first male performer in the programs color guard. Jarred was also a marching member of Tulsa West Independent (OK), 2015 WGI Open Class Bronze Medalist Eclectix Independent (OK), Jarred began his teaching career at Berryhill, HS (OK) where he served as the color guard and Program coordinator and Jenks, HS (OK) where he served as the Assistant Color Guard Director. Jarred has also worked as a designer, consultant, and choreographer for several schools in Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri. Jarred currently serves as a Color Guard technician at Bentonville, HS (AR).